& welcome to Miscellaneous Meanderings!!! I’m ninniforlife.

I love blogs that have class, opinions, & education, as well as being someone’s passion, so I decided to make one myself. This is my little blog to expostulate & consider. To wonder & to discover. To entertain thoughts but not accept them.

& besides all that expostulation, consideration, wondering, discoverage, entertainment, & acceptance, I’ll try to keep to those three main desiderata:

  1. Class – I’m not going to throw any obnoxious sarcasm at you & I hold bad language in distaste. Rest assured, I’ll be keeping it classy here at Miscellaneous Meanderings.
  2. Opinions – a lot of blogs out there simply recite facts. I like hearing other people’s opinions, so I’m going to offer up some of mine on MM.
  3. Education – learning something new is always a plus, & it’s guaranteed to be pretty interesting or helpful if I’ve got it on here. (For the most educational and able-to-be-used-in-daily-life post ever, see this.)
  4. A couple more desiderata, because making lists is fun – I faithfully promise to always punctuate my sentences generally well; & also to eliminate that painful test you must take to see whether my links automatically open themselves in new tabs or not. I’m gonna tell you right now, they do. Furthermore, I doublecheck every one to be absolutely sure of it. There’s nothing more annoying than leaving a great page like this just to see what “desiderata” means – or who I quoted up there. Don’t feel that awful sinking feeling when it doesn’t open in a new tab. Go crazy with your clicks.

So now that’s all cleared up… check out my About page (which goes into even more details) & then take a look at the blog.

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~ ninniforlife (If you click my name, I’ll show you a picture of me. At the end of every post, I’ll have a different picture.)