Hello, & welcome to my very first post!

As this is a very new blog, I’m trying to submerge myself in experimentation of the different blogging styles and options, though it hasn’t yielded spectacular success so far. I had a heck of a time coming up with my folder structure (not to mention the layout of the footer menus!) so I hope it will all be appreciated as it deserves. As of now, I’ve got so many posts sitting in my drafts folder I don’t know what I’ll end up doing about it. (But “nothing” sounds tempting.)

Anyway, a fellow blogger was using WordPress to create her site, & she’s already gotten knee-deep in the awesomeness of it. I’m quite jealous, & I feel I must rise to the challenge of finding some of the easter eggs she already has.

It should be interesting to watch me develop my own knowledgeable blogging style with my great innovative experimentation & the help of Yahoo throughout these blog posts!

But to round off this post, I want to thank most of all the WordPress Support Team, because whoever they are, they’ve helped me accomplish absolutely everything I’ve accomplished so far – they truly are the ones who make this venture possible!!!