A Guide to Understanding onewizenedtraveler

I have a glorious update: a fellow blogger has agreed to contribute her inspirational thoughts to Miscellaneous Meanderings! Her posts are sensational, as is her blog. (In case you were wondering, yes, she was the one I was so jealous of back in that post, Experimentation.) I’ll leave it to her to reveal her name, but her username is onewizenedtraveler. She’s just the wittiest thing, isn’t she?

I’m sure we’re going to love her posts, which have no scheduled timeline. It’s a nice thing, how informal this blog is. I could, if the strange yearning overcame me, write some dozen posts one day, & then continue ignoring the site for a few good months. So, my friend here will be posting at random, too, most likely at odd hours of the night. Or, who knows? She might never actually post at all! The blogging fever that has been attacking her lately might just be loosening its grip. She might have only agreed to posting on MM in the ever-ebbing spirit of its last feeble attempt!

But we’re going to offer onewizenedtraveler a warm welcome anyway. Hopefully her convalescence from the blogging fever will be slow.

Now, for the original reason I began this post: I have several guidelines we must keep in mind to understand her. Make no mistake, a guide to understanding a person is not a bad thing. It’s simply necessary for onewizenedtraveler, & I’m sure she would agree with me. 🙂

The first one is the most important. It’s crucial we understand this one, no matter how foreign it might be to us—it is to me, I know.

  1. onewizenedtraveler is a well-meaning person—you won’t find a kinder one anywhere—but her opinions on penny-pinching frequently whoosh right over the line in ridiculousness. It is obsessive, it is absurd, & it would not do to encourage her too much. I admire her for this virtue, but it is an excessive virtue. It is my personal opinion that she will ruin herself one day because of it somehow.
  2. Though she’s blogging on my little host site, Miscellaneous Meanderings, she will not be taking part in my passionate defense of the ampersand, & so she won’t be using the ampersand in her posts. We must bear with her unenlightened view on this & hope that the realization hits her at some point: that the ampersand really is superior to the “and”. (& at some very later point, I might even convince her to make a shortcut on her phone to change all “and”s to “&”s. I’m working on it.)
  3. Her blog is as awesome as she is herself. Check it out here.

& that’s all to my little manual on onewizenedtraveler. Not too bad. Just keep that first guideline in mind, for it is crucial to understanding her inner self.

So welcome, welcome, welcome, onewizenedtraveler! & enjoy!!!

~ ninniforlife