Why Tips on Blogging Don’t Apply to Me

Hi again. I haven’t posted in awhile, I guess. But never fear! It’s not boredom. It’s just that I can’t find an awesome enough topic to post on. Miscellaneous Meanderings is a site of random spoutings, but that doesn’t mean that those spoutings shouldn’t be, every one of them, fabulous. So here I am again, refreshed & re-energized, just waiting to write some inspirational content.

As I said, Miscellaneous Meanderings is a site of random spoutings. & to me, there is no reason to want visitors when it will only ever be a bunch of random spoutings which are probably only interesting to one or two people on the planet. My goal is certainly not to be as social as I can, strewing bits after bits of MM all over social media in the hope of garnering followers. That’s the last thing I want to do.

Acting upon onewizenedtraveler’s advice, I looked up “how to blog”, & to my initial delight, thousands upon thousands of articles popped up to teach me how to write. They were endless. They taught me even the most miniscule tips, from how to entice my readers by tweaking my site’s layout to how to get more followers by making the “follow” button more accessible.

After a half hour, I gave up. & that’s because I very soon realized that whatever Miscellaneous Meanderings is, it is not a blog. All those well-meaning tips couldn’t be applied to MM, however I tried.
To highlight a few of the more absurd ones:
Firstly, calling people to action. This wasn’t mentioned often, but I still saw it several times, by people who I guess felt that blogs should only exist if their authors feel that they have a real calling. C’mon! My blog wasn’t created to call people to action – even if I happened to have an action to call people to. Besides, it would look & sound dreadfully pooky, & in the end no one would actually do anything. This may sound cynical, but it’s quite true. Even the most persuasive of posts rarely yields much of a change.
Secondly, attracting readers through my titles. I don’t have much to say on this point. I don’t think I need a catchy title, period. Content is what matters. I hope any followers of mine read every one of my posts, no matter the title.
Thirdlyfinding my niche. Finding a niche is focusing on an area of expertise so people can have an authority in that area. Here’s the catch: I don’t want to have to post faithfully once a week about one subject that I’ll tire of within a month. I don’t want to find my niche at all. I like defining my “niche” as anything & everything that catches my eye in this world. &, for the record, I personally enjoy blogs that post on a variety of subjects more than blogs that stifle themselves by finding too narrow a niche.
& lastly, which is at the very base of the previous three, I have to do everything I can to attract readers & page views. Please note that this includes adding photos & links in my posts, which will make Google put my blog in its search results more often. This also means that I should spam what social media I use by referencing my blog all the time. Well, this may come as a surprise to many people out there, but my definition of the perfect follower is someone who stumbles upon the site & thinks it a hidden gem. Of course, I’d like a readership, but only a real readership that appreciates every one of my posts. (Assuming that type of readership exists.) All this talk of attracting followers is nonsense.

I soon came to realize not only that MM’s identity is totally different from a blog, but also that all these people, who write so passionately about “finding your voice” & especially “finding your niche”, are simply crazy. How do they know that I want a huge number of page views? Why would I ever make a logo for my blog? A lot of it is so fluffy, I could snuggle up & have a coze in it. However, it could just be me. For any normal blog, a lot of that information would be immensely handy. I, on the other hand, look at it & think, nuh-uh. I don’t need any of this stuff. One or two pointers are certainly useful—such as generating ideas for posts, increasing the aesthetic pleasantness of the blog, or making my posts scannable—but most of it is in one ear & out the other. I think any truly indispensable tips on blogging will be picked up along the way.

But, to show that I’ve learned something from the experience, I have reconsidered something after reading those blogging tips.
It seems that no one is brave enough to request permission to visit my site. For all I know, more than one reader stumbled upon MM & yet will never see the workings of it, simply because he or she was too timid to request permission. Therefore, from this day forward, Miscellaneous Meanderings shall not be private.
MM is yet a young blog, & there are yet many future changes in store that I have yet to make. Hopefully this particular change will be for the best.

~ ninniforlife