OCBD & Dropthox

I have some interesting news. I don’t quite know whether it’s bad or good yet, but it’s here, & it looks as though it’s here to stay.

What I’m trying to say is that I have OCBD – Obsessive Compulsive Blogging Disorder. Yesterday I created yet another blog. I already have three, & here I go making another! (MM is one, I don’t use the other, & I blog on the third one using a different account.)

Hear ye, hear ye! I hereby name it Dropthox, home of dropthoughts. Dropthoughts are snippets of information or wit or whatever you will, & they’re generally fewer than 200 words long.

So, just kind of shouting out to this blog, because it promises to be absolutely awesome. Of course, for those of you who dislike pookiness, it won’t be the blog for you, but hey! Maybe you’ll change your mind if you read my first dropthought. (I did include a quote that I already mentioned on this site, but good quotes never grow old, right?) This dropthought is so overwhelmingly pooky that it might shock you right out of disliking pookiness. It almost did so for me.

I regret to say that on Dropthox, I won’t be adding pictures of me. There will be so many dropthoughts that I’ll soon run out of my goat pictures (because I only choose the super-cutest pictures, & there are only so many of those), & where would I be then? Recycling goat pictures for MM! & that would be just deplorable.

So, to conclude, I recommend Dropthox for those of you who enjoy pookiness, & also for those of you who don’t!

~ ninniforlife