The Benefits of Nightlights

Y e s ,  I ‘ m  s e r i o u s .

Nightlights really are beneficial. They are cute, sweet, & glowy; you tell me a more valuable object for nightly life. I might go so far as to say nightlights are crucial. So take a seat & listen up. I’m going to get right down to business to prove it to you – & I won’t be lacking in thoroughness.

When I say “nightlight”, I mean not a dinky, plug-in one, but a modern, glowing, pleasant nightlight that doesn’t require a cord.

Now that that’s clarified, here are some reasons you should buy a nightlight:

  1. They brighten up any room
  2. They look cozy
  3. Besides cozy, they’re also cool & groovy
  4. They’re cheap (this is to reassure onewizenedtraveler in particular)
  5. Umm… why not?

So, now you’re convinced your life is incomplete without a nightlight, here are a few options concerning the nightlight you’re agog to purchase. Please note that all of these change color—though with no apparent method, & seemingly of their own free will.

Note: I would add pictures, but the result was disastrous. They went all over the place, randomly, & I couldn’t sort out the mess. Therefore, I reverted back to adding plain old links.


Soccer balls




Mini Eiffel Tower





& believe it or not, they’re all super cheap.

While we’re tangenting…

Here are a few more awesome things that glowBedroom Bedside Lamp,Protect pregnant Women and Children eye Lamp,Remote Control 16 Colors, Color Changing Ball light,Color Bulb light,RGB Color Lamp

If a nightlight that randomly changes colors doesn’t satisfy your manipulative self, then here’s all the control you can wish for. I give you… the remote controlled lamp! It features around 16 colors with 4 different modes: flash, strobe, fade, & smooth. Remotes don’t get any cuter than that, & I can’t even imagine what it must feel like to hold such absolute power in the palm of one’s hand. The only concern is that this magical thing is a bit pricey – even when considering the on-top-of-the-world sensation one must feel when one uses the remote.

If you want something a little lot cheaper, try this. It’s about the same thing, but it probably won’t last as long & it’s just a light bulb. Still, the price is unbeatable – is full of amazing prices. (Psst! I sense an upcoming post topic!)

Now, if you want something a little more rustic, try these candles that also come with a remote for changing their colors.

Nail Polish.png


Doesn’t get much crazier than this! Glow-in-the-dark nail polish, no joke. Works pretty well, too.



<<These things are cool, though I have doubts about how well they work. Still, any light is good light, especially if it changes color!

In the same vein, a color-changing shower head certainly wouldn’t hurt!

Because I have a big cushy soft spot for flameless candles—so relaxing & so relievingly harmless!—I’m going to include a few here. They’re a little more comforting (& yes, onewizenedtraveler, cheaper) than the remote-controlled candles.

For something a little more top-end, we have this lovely little star projector with more than 10 lighting modes – or so they say.

& here’s a cheaper version.Phone case.png

& here, a color-changing phone case. Awesome.

Behold, a glow-in-the-dark necklace!

I told you I’d be thorough.

~ ninniforlife