The Awesomeness of Wish (@onewizenedtraveler)

Wish is one of the only online shopping websites I know that has both a huge selection of items & amazing prices. Having used it countless times, I know it’s a reputable site. But let me delineate in detail.

(Before I continue, let me just mention that, having read Wuthering Heights a day ago & now commencing Tess of the d’Urbervilles, my language will tend to have a Brontë-ish tone to it, & most likely many random poets’ tones mixed in, because blasted Thomas Hardy will not quit quoting Shakespeare & Horace & I know not who else. I’ll try to restrain my inclinations for this Victorian English throughout this post.)

  • Everything is beyond cheap.
  • After ordering items, Wish sends you a message to be sure you received your items, & offers refunds, too.
  • Customer reviews are placed right up front beside the item details.
  • Buyers can upload photos of the items they received. This is very helpful because the real item is never so perfect as the seller would have you believe.
  • Because most of the clothing is from China, the sizes are all smaller than US sizes. As a smaller person, I’m hugely pleased with this.
  • There’s no need to worry about loving the “price” of the item & then realizing that oh, the shipping is inordinately high. Nope nope nope. Wish usually has a shipping fee of $1 per item & I rarely see any shipping fee (per item) above $5.
  • One of my favorite tricks: If you search around in the related items for a while, you can find many of the exact same items for cheaper.
  • If you add something to your cart & then leave the cart, Wish will sometimes offer you a 5% off your order if you check out immediately. Because I shop there so often, that 5% really adds up to save quite a bit.
  • The items do take awhile to reach me (I usually give it two weeks or more).
  • If you’re looking for high-quality, especially as concerns clothing, Wish is not the place you’ll find it. However, I love the replaceable items there because it’s not gonna kill me if those dozen pens for $4 turn out to be cheap.
  • Those customer reviews I mentioned above are always the ones with 5 stars, so mostly all you’ll see are glowing reviews of the item. Still, people manage to sidestep this 5-star problem by rating their review 5 stars & writing a realistic review.

Now I can’t think of anything else to keep me from digging into Wish’s items themselves. Unfortunately, I can’t add many pictures because the placement & sizing & captions are just too exasperating for me to handle. The only solution? Just open up every link; they’re all worth your time. (& let me please reiterate that my links automatically open in new tabs, so there’s no need to wonder & fret over it through this whole entire post.)


I could go on a long time about Wish’s blouses & skirts & jeans & tanks & all that, but I’ll have to be satisfied with a few of my faves. (Yes, I do have the insolence to say “few” as you blanch at the dozens of fluorescent links that await you below.)

This pencil skirt, though I haven’t bought it, looks comfy & cute. I intend to buy it soon!

For a more girly look, here’s a pleated skirt which I find totally adorable.

I like to imagine this cardigan paired up with some jean shorts & a pair of perky sandals. Plus, the many different colors in stock afford loads of options.

I bought this little crochet wrap & now it’s the staple of my wardrobe. In black, it’s pretty darn cute; in pink, it’s adorable. Now, I’m not one to even go there when it concerns the color pink, but I can watch & adore from a distance. This is one of the cheaper-made items, a little “messy”; loose threads, the pattern isn’t as clear as the pictures show, etc. But I love it anyway. It drapes off the shoulders very elegantly.

I’m a sucker for stripes, even if horizontals aren’t exactly flattering. This black-&-white striped long-sleeved top attracted me. & yes, the $4 price tag certainly helped.

Again, a cardigan. This one’s of lace, which I’m partial to. I like it especially because it’s long.

Spring is on the way, so this short-sleeve top with some lace at the top is in order. So many cute colors, too!

Then again, maybe it’s a bit optimistic to be short-sleeved shirts. Maybe a furry pullover would be more apropos. & hey, might as well throw in furry socks with that.

Here we have a knit pullover/dress/I-don’t-know-what. Still, it’s very cute & wintry.

Long-sleeve shirt with lace on the sleeves??? Utterly adorable.

For something simple & oh-so-delightfully-cheap, here’s a $4 turtleneck!

Jewelry & Accessories

Wish’s jewelry is pretty nice too. Observe this ring that I bought – super cute & while it’s not a great deal (I’m sure even the queen of thriftiness, onewizenedtraveler, would agree with me here), it’s certainly not bad!

These little scissor earrings—! I’m a little crafty, so they appeal to me.

This set of diamond necklace & earrings for $2 can’t be beat. We all need staple jewelry, right?

If you’re looking for another classic standby, here’s a set of “garnet” necklace & earrings for $2.

This little locket/pocket watch necklace is so pretty! With the green jewel in the middle, it looks like an antique piece of jewelry.

I’m struck by this jewel-in-a-box necklace – so interesting & dynamic!


Chiffon scarf

You wouldn’t believe it, but the cheapest chiffon scarves are the best. So light & silky, perfect for an early spring day! These heart scarves are just darling, as are these polka-dotted ones. & these music note ones, too. There’s no end to chiffon scarves!

Now, I don’t know about you, but I rarely see pashmina silk scarves going for less than $15 in stores. On Wish, you can buy it for $4. Yes please.

For something a little more bucolic, here are plaid-ish scarves going for $4 as well.

As far as makeup is concerned, I’m not a huge fan of buying cosmetics online. But I have bought mascara, & this concealer (15 colors) for $4 is hard to pass by. Reviews aren’t the best, but I’m willing to give it a shot.

Also in the cosmetics department, this matte lipstick looks nice, & I’m looking forward to trying it.

Pedicure & manicure set for your purse! Bought one of the many different styles Wish has & I’m looking forward to having such a small, neat set of necessities for my purse.



Sandals in black

As far as shoes go, I’ve been eyeing these emerald sandals for a while. (They come in black & beige, too.) They look comfy & I was attracted to the simple yet classic look of them.

For more informal footwear, I found these youthful & shabby-chic flats. So refreshingly quaint!

‘Tis (or was) the season of boots! Their time may be over soon, but here’s a lacy pair I found. Fa la la.

Furry moccasins are a dream come true when it comes to comfiness. Here’s a navy blue pair.

Purses & Pouches

I have a huge soft spot for coin purses; I have three already, & I wish I had an excuse to buy more. So here are a few I especially like: leather with a bow, leather with a pearl, & carved flower trifold.

&… a boho lace purse with tassels.

A piano keys clutch.

Simple wallet.

Because I’m a tassel-y woman, I bought this huge purse—which is more like a satchel, actually—in black. So pleased with it because it’s nice & large for everything I need to prod in it. I can carry around books, a pullover, my three coin purses, a wallet which I also bought on Wish, & every other piece of whatnot I want – this purse fits it all. The only bad thing is that the bag attracts hair & dust; but it’s not too bad.

Odds & Ends

This tiered stand is darn cute. I just bought it (who knows what for?) & I’m breathlessly awaiting its arrival.

This wireless mouse is a real help when I don’t want to crouch over my laptop any longer.

These sprout bookmarks, which I bought elsewhere before I knew of Wish, are darling little things. The way it peeps out at me every time I open my book is so utterly adorable that I yearn to continue reading just to fiddle with it as I do so.

Clock.pngNow just look at this little clock, one of the best buys I’ve had on Wish. It looks like a little block of wood, comes in several different colors, & works really well – & all it takes it 3 AAA batteries, or you can plug it in using the cable they with the big end of an iPhone charger. It’s a small, simple little thing, though I required the manual they sent with it to set up the date, time, etc, because that’s when it gets a bit complicated.

Here are the pens I was talking about. A dozen, with excellent color & action, all for $4. I’m particular about my pens & how they sound & feel, but these—while not the best I’ve ever had—are pleasant to write with.

A keyfinder for $2. It actually works! All you have to do is whistle & it’ll start beeping like crazy. The downside to keyfinders is that since you don’t know when you’ll lose your keys & you want to conserve the batteries, the keyfinder is usually off when you really need it. Still, because they’re so cheap, I’d just buy a dozen & keep them on most of the time!

I love all the new & interesting iPhone cases that come out, but the one that startled me the most was this one, by far. I think it was love at first sight.

The most useful 4-in-1 you’ll ever find: this little “episode diary” includes a pen, notepad, sticky notes, & bright tabs (5 colors) in a neat package. The notebook itself is quite tiny, the pen works well, & the little pictures at the bottom of the notes are beyond cute. I use this little thing all the time.

This iPhone notepad is so funny, I had to put it on the list. It’s so creative!!!

Never been to Paris, but that didn’t stop me from buying two Eiffel Towers. A sweet little decoration for the top of my piano, atop a doily & straddled by a pair of chic sunglasses. Á la mode, indeed!

Whew, all done!

Firstly: I listed quite a few items on this list, but that’s not even beginning to get into a lot of other treasures. From curtains to lipstick to kitchen gadgets, Wish, to put it simply, has it all.

Secondly: I hope onewizenedtraveler enjoyed this. If one has even the remotest acquaintance with onewizenedtraveler, one would know exactly how thrifty she is. Perhaps one day, if she gets up the gumption to post on Miscellaneous Meanderings as she meant to do, she’ll mention a few of her fave deals.

I await the post breathlessly!

~ ninniforlife (You need to click on this & behold pure adorability.)