Identifying a Granny Soul 101

Ah, a day of tea & Austin

Perfection” by a Granny Soul

Hi! It’s ninniforlife here again. I loved onewizenedtraveler’s post, which was very much worth the wait. Post again soon, Lilly!

Today, I’ll be educating you on the four clues for recognizing a granny soul. Let’s just dig right in, shall we?

The first red flag is probably the most rampant: granny souls can be absolutely happy even in the worst of times. They rule the world in terms of happiness. (Granny souls should rule the world, period, but none of them want to, so we’re really at a stalemate.)

I believe Artur Rubinstein (renowned pianist) had a grandfather soul, & he once said:

One can be happy miserable, one can be happy sick, one can be happy in a hospital, even if you die you can be happy if you are going to die, because it’s life. It is still life, you see.

He also said:

Every day was the best thing that happened. Every hour. Always. Still now. I wouldn’t give one single moment of my life for another one.

Now, this hint isn’t very helpful, since a granny soul might outwardly seem sad, but inside is reveling in that sadness. Just keep an eye out, though.

I hardly know why I’m giving these tips, because it’s unlikely you’ll ever meet a granny soul, & if you do, you’ll rarely meet the same granny soul again, unless she’s a close friend or relation. This is, I suppose, the second sign of a granny soul. They love to hide away in their little niches & keep out of life. It does sound very counterintuitive, because I just said they like life. But don’t worry, I’m a confirmed granny soul & I know these things. Granny souls simply like life best when it’s at a distance & not in front of them. They like to think on it & admire it as a perfect idea when it’s only an idea. Of course, when it’s put in action, it’s not quite so dazzling.

Now, when I say “life”, I mean mainly “people”. It may seem bit sad to average beings, but granny souls have neither the motivation & desire nor the time & stamina to seek company. Speaking frankly, I’d far & away rather live in a hole than be around people 24/7. People exhaust me.

Going back to Rubinstein. I would say he is about to granny souls what Buddha was to Buddhism. He loved life even when he was amidst it, while granny souls in general like to view life from afar. When amidst life, granny souls long to scurry back to some cozy place to drink tea & talk about how much they like it. Oh, the thrill of a spontaneous beach excursion! Ah, the delight of a shopping outing! All the while, sipping tea more contentedly than could render their words quite plausible. We granny souls sadly delude ourselves.

But, now I’m finally moving on. Your third hint is the biggest, the easiest to identify. People with granny souls are reputedly pooky. They may try to hide it at times, but it’s so deeply ingrained that there’s no stopping some of it from leaking out. Beware!

The fourth indication is productivity. Granny souls are always doing something, even if it’s as mindless as online shopping. *raises hand guiltily* While granny souls are productive, it’s usually a bad kind of productive, such as binge-reading their favorite book series or knitting useless (& lumpy, of course) things. I haven’t quite reached a true granny age yet, but when I do, I’ll have at least a couple boxes full of unwanted crocheting & tatting projects, complete & incomplete alike. I’m sure I already have more than I need & yet I still keep on. (For the granny souls out there, a future post on my favorite patterns is highly forthcoming.)

Because of this fourth clue, it’s easy to recognize young people with granny souls. Any grandmother can knit, but if you see a 10-year-old crocheting her heart out, it’s pretty clear she’s got a granny soul.

As a final bonus, I’ll just mention that, stereotypical as it is, granny souls could very well own cats. It could even be probable that they do. So just look out for cats.

Well, to those who aren’t granny souls & have never met one, this must have been a very boring post. Even onewizenedtraveler is probably falling asleep through my quotes & tips… But there. I’ll make up for it by writing a truly engrossing post next time.

Just remember one thing: no matter how dull this post might have been, no matter how tired you are of this topic, & no matter how hopelessly pooky we might seem…

Granny souls rock.

~ ninniforlife