Hi, again. On this handy-dandy little page, I’ll be discussing my blog, & then a bit about me.


As my title suggests, this is a blog to satisfy my many cravings for justice & outspoken notices to the world in general. That may include a few posts on how people sadly butcher the phrase not-only/but-also, why ampersands shouldn’t be so neglected in this world (I’m in the process of amending it by using this blog & the power of suggestion), & also why rounded corners trump every other kind of corner. You might also find other random tangents like how dreadful modern music is, how exhausted I become with social life in any form, & the soothing effects of tea after getting too large a dose of the first two mentioned items.


  • As far as anything’s concerned, my name is ninniforlife.
  • My age doesn’t really matter, because there was some mistake when I was born & for some reason I entered this world with the soul of a granny. (Not that I’m complaining. Quite the opposite.)
  • Not much else needs to be said. My interests consist of solitary, grandmotherly activities such as piano-playing, tea-drinking, writing, tatting, crocheting, & blogging about the previous five pastimes.

I’ll see ye at the blog!

~ ninniforlife (Again, I urge you to click on my name. I’m pretty cute.)