A Fun Resolution

Happy New Year!

Yes, as we’re about to enter February, I’m wishing you a happy new year. It’s been a busy one for me. I’ve even been skimping on my few resolutions, disagreeable tasks as they are. Aren’t resolutions just awful things?

Happily, the subject of this post is to introduce a new resolution, a fun resolution. One that (I hope) I’ll stick to. It’s called “101 things in 1001 days” & I got the idea from the blog The Lazy Genius Collective. (Intriguing name, right?) Here’s the article that explained this thing. Basically, the idea is that you write down 101 things that you want to do—want to do—within 1001 days. 1001 days from now is October 16th, 2019. (Oh, & here’s the awesome website that calculated that.) I love how this list embraces the things that you actually like to do. Let 2017 (& 2018 & 2019) be the year that you treat yourself. & yet when I say “treat yourself”, don’t rear back in horror at the giant green dollar symbols before you. You’ll be treating yourself to the little things in life. (Speaking of little things, I really want to post on the art of hygge sometime. Remind me.)

Ah, ah, rules! Here are the lazy genius’s rules to begin with.

Choose things you love, not things you think you’re supposed to love

So, I’m having trouble with this one while creating my little list. I don’t particularly care to bake, but I feel I should love it. &, well, I love the end results. I’m trying not to put down a bunch of baking goals on my list because I know it’ll turn into more of a task than a treat. (Please stop a moment to appreciate that pun. I have the weirdest weak spot for well-placed puns.)

Choose things you have control over

At The Lazy Genius Collective, an example for this was “fall in love”, which is a perfect example. For one thing, you can’t demand to fall in love, but for another, it’s just such a huge goal! Who wants that weighty thing on a list that is meant to be light & fun?

Don’t choose things that belong on a to-do list

I think I should retract my statement of calling this list a resolution – that makes it sound like a task. This list is entirely for fun. You should have fun creating it & fun fulfilling it. Tasks are absolutely against the rules.

Don’t choose things that will already happen

There’s some gray area here, since I might do some of the things on my list, but probably won’t. If you doubt you’ll drink hot tea while stargazing, but might, just be safe & put it on the list. It’ll remind you of it & make you do it, which is the point of the list. It’s an excuse for you to treat yourself.

Avoid choosing things that require a regular commitment; choose accomplishable events instead

This rule is all or nothing. If you write “go jogging every morning” but dread it, that one thing is going to turn your whole list into an unconquerable demon. You won’t want to do any of the other fun stuff on there because you feel guilty about not jogging, & that’ll end in disaster & heartache. Do you want disaster & heartache? Then only put accomplishable things on here. Now, there’s nothing wrong with saying “watch 5 movies by myself”—after all, you’ve got almost three years to do that—but try not to stick a date & time on them.

Be realistic, not idealistic

Skydiving, climbing Mount Everest, & meeting fill-in-celebrity-here belong on your bucket list, not this list. (Because everyone knows your bucket list is for hopeless dreams, not accomplishable events, right?) Besides, the point of this exercise is to encourage you to enjoy the small things in life. (I have got to post on hygge, it’s all about taking pleasure in the small things.)

Now that we’ve got some ground rules, here are some tips for ya.

Get excited

You need some enthusiasm behind this. This is no ordinary list – it’s an adventure! I spent a wonderful hour just coming up with the perfect design for my cover page. It was exciting, as though my list is truly important. (& it is!) Put some effort into the atmosphere & aesthetics of your cover page & list. Don’t forget to title your venture, add the start & end dates of the project, & number each of your items on the list.

Don’t be afraid to branch out

This is coming from a granny soul, so you’d better listen up. Try to keep your list diverse with cozy things, active things, & everything in between. Dare yourself to cook something new or get lost down some old dirt road. (Or do those not exist anymore?) Believe me, 101 is a bigger number than you might think. I was going to fill it up with my favorite activities, like reading & tea-drinking, but I can’t think of that many variations to the common theme. I’m going to have to branch out into some weird directions to reach 101. Like, I don’t know, fake an accent for an entire day. Or eat nothing but white foods all day. (Following in Erik Satie’s footsteps.)

Don’t go too small, but don’t go too big

If you choose something too small, like “drink tea in your nook”, there’s nothing special to it. But if you say “drink tea in a rainstorm on the deck of a cruise ship”, that might prove a bit difficult. What you need is something right in the middle, like “drink tea in a rainstorm as you ponder life’s mysteries”. That’s got a good number of constraints; you won’t accidentally accomplish it, but it’s still accomplishable.

Start to complete them immediately

With an end date like October 16th, 2019, you may want to hold back on completing the items on your list. You may want to guard them like little gems of pleasure to be slowly enjoyed. But this is to improve your quality of life right now. Don’t hold back. Besides, the math doesn’t lie, & the math says that you have to complete one of these every 10 days to be done on time. I was so shocked I had to double-check, but that’s right. It sounds so real & so right now, you know? This forces you to stop writing & dreaming about these idyllic pleasures & start getting out & enjoying them.

I think that’s about all you need to know about this 101 things in 1001 days. I’ll try to keep you updated on my progress with this so you’ll be inspired to keep yours up. I may be a little lax on my posts, though, because I had another extreme attack of OCBD & created another—yes, another—blog. That makes it… Let’s see… 6 or 7 blogs now? I should get an award or something.

Good luck on your project!

~ ninniforlife


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